Monday, March 17, 2008

Emacs Tip #14: caps lock on windows

In my previous job, everyone had Windows laptops, and worked using VNC. But they never learned the trick to change the Caps Lock key into a Ctrl key.

From the GNU Emacs FAQ for Windows: "Caps"

Download caps-as-ctrl.reg to make CapsLock a Control key (leaving your original control keys as they were), or caps-ctrl-swap.reg to swap CapsLock and the left Control key. Once you've downloaded them, double-click on the .reg files in Explorer or "run" them from a command prompt to have them update your registry.
If you use Emacs and you are using Windows and your Caps Lock key is still functioning as Caps Lock, just download the registry change and install it. If you really think you need to type in all caps, learn M-x upcase-region


ykphuah said...

If you do not want to touch the registry yourself, MS actually provides a program to do this

adrien said...

thanks, that's awesome.

2 secs to download, plus 2 to run it. plus 10 minutes to reboot :)