Friday, May 15, 2009

Stupid VNC Trick

At my office I have a dual monitor setup, and at home I have two monitors as well, so most of my VNC sessions are wide (3280 pixels).

Which presents a problem on the occasions I decide to work from a coffee shop or some other place where I only have my laptop's screen. How do you effectively interact with a VNC session where the session is twice the size of the physical screen?

Clearly scrolling the screen with the mouse is a lose.

My solution is to have two VNC viewers running simultaneously. One shows the right half of the session, and the other shows the left half. That way I can easily CTRL-TAB from one side to the other.

Simple, but pretty effective.

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Unknown said...

You can also use Ultravnc (if you're running MS Windows) that supports dual monitors. There is a toolbar button to let you switch from primary to secondary, and then to composite (both monitors).

The mirror driver adds a nice speed boost too