Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Somewhat meta: blogs on reddit

Recently, doing a vanity search, I saw a link to this blog from reddit. I'm not a reddit user, but found it interesting that some of my posts had made it on there (as you can see here: on

What I find curious about reddit as it applies to blogs is that it ends up taking the conversation away from the blog. This works well for reddit users, but ends up fracturing the audience. I don't get many comments (I have very few readers) and would have appreciated the reading the comments made on reddit.

For what it's worth, I did update a post to fix a coding bug noticed by someone on reddit (ironically, their fix had syntax problems at the same spot as well).


Michael Mrozek said...

The concept of linkbacks is supposed to address this, but Reddit doesn't support that sort of thing

Bob McCormick said...

On the other hand, while sites like Reddit and Digg might take some of the conversation away from the blog comments, it also helps introduce a lot of new potential readers to your blog. I know that most of the blogs in my RSS feed reader (including this one) were found from links off Reddit or Hacker News.